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Overton's Wedding of the Year! - Tracy and Peter's Relaxed Rural Wedding

From her first contact when looking for a wedding photographer, Tracy was a dream to work with. At first we emailed, then we had a phone consultation and she was just as easy to chat to as ever. So imagine my my happiness when I arrived on her wedding morning to find Tracy, mid-dress lace-up with daughter Charlotte, meeting them both for the first time and feeling so utterly welcome in their home. There's a warmth of character that shines through in Tracy's radiant smile, I'm sure you'll agree.

Tracy and Peter's wedding day was to be a relaxed and personal one. They planned to get married in their home village of Overton, Lancashire, a small historic fishing village close to Morecambe and Lancaster, and whose locals have welcomed Tracy as one of their own. Overton's anglican church that holds a lot of history for Peter and his family. They also planned to marry on their 1 year anniversary, sealing the date as their wedding anniversary too.

I have photographed a few homemade and DIY weddings this summer and I know that they are a lot of work. Add to this full time jobs and a house renovation (I can only imagine the juggling these two have been doing!) and Tracy and Peter had their hands full. The day before their wedding these two were at Overton Memorial Hall orchestrating the set-up, staying late to make sure that everything was perfect.

Tracy had mentioned that she might arrive at St Helen's church on a tractor, so as I pulled up to the address I scanned the roads for a sign of it, thinking this would indicate the house I was looking for. It was not until the tractor in question pulled up outside the house, and blocked the sun from the windows that I realised just how much of an entrance this was going to be! The house was brimming with family - Peter's children, grandchildren and Tracy's parents as well as Charlotte and Tracy, all adding finishing touches and helping out. Before we knew it we were off to the church. Charlotte, who was Tracy's bridesmaid, and Archie, page boy, had their ride in the tractor first while Tracy waited behind. Soon her moment arrived and she climbed the tractor steps in her wedding dress and heels as though she did it everyday!

St Helen's Church, a stone-built historic church, some of which dates back as far as the 12th Century, was waiting to greet everyone. Two huge milk churns had been brimmed with flowers, which spilled from the tops, and they stood at the doorway to the little church, decorating its beautiful arched entrance.

Inside, the church was filling with family and friends, Peter waited at the head of the aisle with Vicar Lorainne. Many people knew about Tracy's fitting arrival, and waited outside for her to make a spectacular entrance. It wasn't only guests waiting, it seemed the whole Overton community knew about the wedding and came down to the church to cheer Tracy and Peter on. People lined the road and Tracy arrived in rural style!

Meeting Peter at the altar to exchange vows, there was a great sense of kinship in the church, which was full of guests. Readings were read, tears were shed and promises made. All the time, Tracy and Peter glanced contented looks at one another, with big smiles on this very happy day.

Arms outstretched, Tracy and Peter greeted every guest outside for a celebratory hug before taking a few moments to visit the graves of Peter's parents and brother, who were greatly missed on their wedding day. Their graves are in the churchyard, so they felt a significant part of the wedding and Peter was able to lay the wedding flowers with them.

Before we left the church grounds, we took a few minutes to wander off alone, enjoying the coastal views of this little fishing village, to capture a few photographs of the bride and groom alone, as newly minted husband and wife. They couldn't have looked more blissful.

A few moments away is Overton Memorial Hall, a commemorative building, constructed to remember those who fought in the two World Wars, and at the heart of the community. Tracy, Peter and their family and friends' hard work had created a cosy reception room, where they could share in a meal, make hilarious speeches and ceilidh the night away!

Gathered under one roof to celebrate these wonderful two, it was clear just how close their relationships are with everyone they hold dear. Congratulations Tracy and Peter! Enjoy many happy years together.


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