A Laid Back Intimate Wedding - Hidden River Cabins // Russell & Hayley

Heading north through the Lake District's mountains, on my way to a summer wedding at Hidden River Cabins (some of the cosiest and coolest cabins you'll clap your eyes on), I had that feeling that I often get on my way to photograph for wonderful people - life doesn't get much better than this.

I was right, and yet, I hadn't banked on quite how perfect the undisturbed location, the summer sunshine and the group of wonderful humans were - Hayley and Russ' wedding day was a mid-summer dream.

Tucked on rolling hills, above the Lake District and not quite in Scotland, Hidden River Cabins' location hints at both. We haven't talked about how peaceful it is yet - you feel like you could be in the middle of nowhere - because you are. In the best way possible. Not far from Carlisle and Gretna Green, the cabins are secluded and private, with chunky cut, luxury log cabins (not chips) that sleep up 10, their guests could stay in utter comfort. It was to the ideal spot for an intimate, personal wedding like Hayley and Russell's.

Having always planned on having a small wedding of close family and friends, this summer's Covid-19 lockdown measures didn't put a hold their plans, thankfully. Russ and Hayley had already postponed their wedding from 2021, so it was all the sweeter to be able to get married at last!

Their wedding day dawned, sunny and warm. With hot tubs on the deck of each cabin, the guests had plenty of opportunity to take a dip in the morning or take a walk down to the river for a paddle. The cabins overlook the Lyne river, which meanders down the valley alongside Hidden River Cabins.

With a happy hum of activity, the wedding party prepped Bluebell cabin for the wedding ceremony. Russell and Hayley planned their wedding ceremony outdoors on the deck of one of the log cabins, guests se