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A Secret Ceremony at Manor House Lindley - Sue & Andrew

Secluded in its grounds behind its stone walls and hedges, Manor House rests in the heart of Lindley, ready to welcome guests for weddings large and small.

Sue and Andrew's plans for their vows were as intimate as can be; 2 guests.

Not only that, their guests (and one very perceptive family member) were the only people who knew that after 11+ years together, they were intending to tie the knot. Nobody else was in on this secret wedding. As a natural wedding photographer, I often find myself shooting at tiny weddings like Andrew and Sue's, for couples who are looking for a low-key, relaxed and fuss free day, this approach to wedding plans and my style of photography go hand in hand. Personally, I find myself deeply invested in small wedding days; every relationship that I capture is close, and for every person invited to join the few, it's a great honour.

When Sue and I spoke about where I should send their pre-wedding gift, she asked for it to be sent to their home rather than work, as to not raise any questions about what on earth they were planning. This was the first time I heard that their plan was to elope in secret.

They just wanted to get married, simple. No big crowds of people, just 2 very important witnesses and them. After what had become a tough year for both Andrew and Sue, it was perfect.

Living in the Calder Valley, the two had looked for a venue to suit their cosy wedding plans. Manor House at Lindley provided them with everything they were looking for - intimacy, privacy and luxury. The 6 course tasting meal for their wedding breakfast, who could say no?

Manor House offers couples a private suite for small celebrations to take place in tranquil opulence. Tucked away from the comings and goings of the hotel, Sue, Andrew and their guests had adjoining rooms, taking time to get ready, just steps away from their ceremony room (no chance to get held up en-route!).

No matter how limited your guest list, getting married is still a time of nerves. Everyone was feeling them as the moment drew closer. They waited for Sue to make her entrance and join Andrew. And make an entrance she did! In an elegant white dress, Sue walked down the stairs to meet Andrew and exchange vows, bathed in natural light and witnessed only by her brother and sister-in-law,

Now that the serious part of their day was done it was time for some fun.

Not only that, it was time to tell their children and parents that they'd tied the knot at last! Champagne glasses in hand, close family members were video called to spread the happy news.

Before I left the party, the newly married Maligrandas joined me for a laid-back walk around Manor House's grounds and rooms for a couple's shoot. I was spoilt for choice of location with the venue's rich character inside and out. From Art Deco to Japanese influences indoors and lush garden paths, archways and the fountain, we didn't need to decide, we took them all in.

My parting sight of Sue and Andrew was of them raising a glass to toast their marriage.

May you have many happy years, adventures and laughter together. Here's to you, Andrew & Sue.


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