Get Your Kilt! - Hannah and Sean's gloriously relaxed, luxury wedding at Rise Hall

I consider myself a very lucky human being. Getting to travel the UK without limits, documenting wedding days for couples who really GET what I'm about - capturing the true, raw emotion and celebration of each and every wedding day without any pre-planned or scripted shots, allowing my creativity and human connection with everyone I capture to lead the way in telling the story of each wedding day - that, all of that wonderful, liberating stuff, is a big part of what makes me believe I'm a really lucky person.

But the biggest part for me is meeting the BEST people - couples who just want to be real (and have FUN!). It's a beautiful thing to be welcomed into a couple's lives, to get to know them and their priorities, their families, their history. Do you see why I consider myself to be a very lucky human being?

Hop to it Janet, you're thinking, how does this relate to Hannah and Sean's EPIC wedding at Rise Hall? It has everything to do with these two. I'll tell you. They are everything I love about being a wedding photographer and so, so much more.

We three met at Hornington Manor (am I the only one who thought of Macbeth?!) during one Brides Up North's wedding fair extravaganzas. We got chatting that day and just flew from there.