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About Me

Here's how it all began - and how it remains

I'm a big dream (and sunset) chaser.​

I left the security of my 9-5 to follow love and travelled Canada in a 1976 motorhome with a furry faced cuddly cave man called Al.


We surfed in the rain with Golden Eagles soaring overhead and watched bears scooping up salmon.


When we returned it was time to chase after my biggest dream.


I pursued creative passion through my Fine Art degree and, soon after, a chance meeting with a stranger on a train took me on to be the photographer for the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts where I was always one step ahead of the action, always perfectly placed to capture each unmissable moment.

With a love of portraying real life in all its truthful beauty; I moved on to photograph my first wedding, not stopping to pose or intervene once. 

I knew I had found my home and I have been documenting REAL love and TRUE emotion ever since.​

There's no substitute for going above and beyond. You'll catch me getting up in the middle of the night to race a sunrise by the sea, braving the elements for my couples and staying late into wedding parties. So if you're getting married on a cliff top, having an incredible theme or you need a photographer who understands your creative wedding plans (or desire to simply enjoy your day with no interruptions) - you've found her!

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