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& Couple's Shoots


Couple's shoots are fully personalised 1 hour sessions.

Get suited and booted or pull on your wellies, the choice is yours.

My photography is all about you so I don't tell you how it should be, I plan your shoot to reflect you and make it relaxed and fun.

You don't need to be engaged to meet us for a Sunset Session; they're perfectly suited to all couples, though if you are engaged they're the perfect change to meet us before your big day and feel like a pro when it comes to being photographed.

Sunset Sessions


Here's How It Works

1. Pick a special location or let us know the types of places you love going together.

2. Book your date and time.


3. Enjoy your shoot! 

Our engagement shoots look a lot like romantic walks in beautiful places, and that's because they are.


4. Have a drink with me afterwards (or beforehand if you have questions). If  you're considering us for your wedding it's the perfect time to chat about what you'd like and what we can offer.

5. You'll have your photographs 10 days later in a private,password protected online gallery. Here you can download, share, order prints and canvases all in one place.​

Our engagement shoot was so enjoyable from start to finish, we felt relaxed the whole time & had a great laugh.


 It didn't feel like a 'photo shoot' at all, more like a casual stroll with some friends and that's exactly how I'd like to feel on my big day.

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