A Fresh, Relaxed City Centre Wedding - Crafthouse and Leeds Town Hall - Sally and Jamie

Meeting for the first time in Laynes Espresso in Leeds, Sally greeted me with a smile, one big hug, and we got to getting to know each other a little before diving into plans for hers and Jamie's wedding.

This small ritual of mine, of meeting for a drink before the wedding day, has become an integral part of my photography practice. It opens up the opportunity to find out what is most important to my couple - as an untraditional wedding photographer, it's incredible how much the plans of any two weddings can differ, and it's all down to the priorities of each bride and groom to be.

Sally and Jamie's wedding plans were to be quite unusual. They were splitting their celebrations over two days.

It transpired that this was to embody the wishes of both Sally and Jamie, who both fancied something different. Their two day wedding plans were the perfect meeting of two ideas.

As I've already hinted, when photographing relaxed weddings, it's common for plans to be anything but 'the usual', so this time together in Laynes gave us the chance to talk freely through the wedding timeline and for me to find out who the key people were to be on each day.