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Farington Lodge Wedding - Chelsea and Jack

It's one of my great pleasures as a wedding photographer (and one of the reasons I choose to work across the whole of the UK) that I get to travel far and wide to capture life-changing moments between incredible couples. With all this travelling, it's actually quite rare that a wedding brings be right to the heart of my homeland.

For this very reason I was even more excited for Chelsea and Jack's wedding at Farington Lodge, a stone's throw from Leyland and Preston, it was so close to home I could hear it calling!

If you've been following me for a little while, you'll know I'm grew up on a farm somewhere in the middle of nowhere between Leyland, Longton and Preston. I was spoilt as a photographer with endless skies, the coast, sunsets to die for.

Then I moved to the Calder Valley - I haven't seen the horizon since! (I kid, of course but it definitely feels that way).

Any chance I get, I hop in the car and get myself over to the Lancashire landscape, very much my cup of tea.

So, I was really looking forward to this one.

And these two were brilliant.

When we had chatted about their wedding plans, I knew that these two had a lot of important people in their lives, they didn't want a big fuss over their photography on their wedding day, so we talked through what was important before the wedding.

I arrived for Chelsea's bridal prep at her family home with her bridesmaids, while my second shooter met Jack and the guys at Farington Lodge for some very relaxed groom 'prep'.

It's always lovely to arrive at a home to find everyone's really close and comfortable with each other. This morning I was in for a treat.

Chelsea's dad drove the family to the wedding venue with ribbons on his car.

Both the bride and groom were feeling big day nerves, but they breathed a sigh as they met each other at the end of the aisle.

After their ceremony guests grabbed a cone of confetti, giving the new husband and wife a big cheer on their way into married life - and a face-full of petals!

We snuck away with Chelsea and Jack for a quiet few minutes alone, the beauty of Farington Lodge was that we didn't need to walk far to have a lovely backdrop for some wedding day couple's photographs. We took an easy stroll down the driveway for a few relaxed photo, fuss-free.

These two spent the rest of the day celebrating with everyone close to them, we were treated to the funniest best man's speech I have EVER heard!


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