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What Should I Wear for an Autumn Engagement Shoot?

The outfit you choose makes a big difference to the feel of your engagement photographs. Do you want your photographs to have a cosy feel? Would you like to keep it casual? Or show your individuality with your outfit.

There's no right or wrong, though I would suggest dressing up a little, and if you're unsure on your outfit send me a quick photo of it, I'll be happy to help.

If you're having an autumn engagement shoot, you're in for a treat!

Autumn is a great time for a photo shoot because the colours of changing leaves add a new dimension to your photographs, and these warm autumn colours look great as the evening begins, the light changes colour to golden as the sun sets, which accentuates the oranges and yellows on the trees.

So, what to wear?

Our photo shoots are mostly outdoors, unless you're having a home engagement shoot, and we tend to love to embrace nature.

Don't be Afraid to Wear a Dress

Personally I love dresses and skirts for engagement shoots, they're a great way to make your outfit special and as a result your photographs too.

Wear boots

You might fancy feeling elegant for your shoot - perfect, these photographs are special. Heels can be a bit problematic, and sinking into grass is easily avoidable by wearing boots with a chunky heel. They look cosy, will keep your feet nice and toasty and they look a little bit dressy. Perfect.

Think about the colours you'll wear

As the weather turns colder, I recommend wearing colours rather than black.

In autumn try rich colours, like burgundy, teal, burn orange and green.

If you just have a black coat in your wardrobe, add some colour with a scarf and hat, and wear a cardigan or wrap; we might ask you if you feel up for a few coat-free photos to add variety.

Personally, I prefer a jacket to a coat, as they flatter my figure more.

Help your Partner with his Outfit Too

Guys tend to throw on jeans, a t-shirt and trainers, to help your photographs to really look great pick out a t shirt or shirt that looks great with your own outfit's colours.

Or suggest an outfit that really suits your fiance.

Get him looking cosy with a coordinating scarf and hat.

Again, boots are perfect for guys, they add to the autumn feel and they're smart without looking too formal.

Style boards courtesy of Polyvore.

You're ready! Let's GO!

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