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Zoe and David's Relaxed Spring Wedding in Todmorden

Zoe and David planned a personal wedding; choosing the traditions that were important to them, and making their day perfect for them.

They had chosen Todmorden Unitarian Church to be the place of their wedding ceremony, and after they were married, the whole party were planning to walk into the town centre to continue the celebrations with big slices of pizza at Site Pizzeria. It was to be a wonderfully relaxed day, which suited them down to the ground.

Meeting with Zoe and David at their home, we sat around their table to chat about their wedding day plans. With a little over two months until their wedding, I was touched by how calm the two were (although Zoe assured me that David would say otherwise).

Along with pizza, they were planning champagne and cups of tea to celebrate at the church, musical accompaniment provided by a friend and at the heart of it all, a laid-back day full of celebrating with friends and family.

The couple's wedding day came at the end of a week of glorious sunshine. True to Murphy's law, their day dawned with forecasts of rain, cloud and thunderstorms perfectly timed for the afternoon.

But as we met David at the Unitarian church we seemed to be in luck, there was no sign of the forecast storm.

Guests were welcomed into the church with the sound of keyboard music filling the calm haven.

Zoe and David's wedding ceremony was a wonderful combination of tradition and fun; with readings from family and friends, Minister Glen in his rainbow stole, a missed page in the proceedings, and finally, a roll of thunder to intensify the atmosphere during the blessing.

You know it's going to be a great day when there's a dad dancing in the aisle!

Guests raced ahead to meet Zoe and David outside with confetti and fizz was popped in the font.

The skies had cleared just in time for the wedding party to leave the church.

David and Zoe had a very special request - that we include David's grandfather's Leica camera while we photographed their wedding and we were so happy to say yes. It was an honour to include the heirloom in their wedding day and to capture the occasion in such a personal way.

We said goodbye to Zoe and David as they made their way with their friends to toast their marriage with crispy wood-fired pizza.

Photographing for Zoe and David was a dream, from the day that we met them it was like chatting to friends and they welcomed us into their wedding day with open arms; it was a day that I'll never forget, so I can only imagine how memorable it will be for their loved ones.

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