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Can I Have a Wedding Day Couple's Shoot? Do I Want One?

Wandering away from your guests to have some time alone with your new husband or wife is something you'll

definitely want to do on your big day. You'll want to step out from the crowds of loved ones and take a moment to soak in the emotion, the elation, the joy, the love you're feeling and the relief that everything's unfolding beautifully on this day you've been planning for so long. With so much to do before you walk down the aisle time passes in a blur; taking a few moments to let everything sink once you've said 'I do' in is so precious.

The possibility of having a couple's shoot, where you can walk through your venue's grounds and have a little time alone means that you can have photographs of just the two of you, as newly-minted bride and groom, and have some (almost) alone time too!

One of my biggest suggestions to my couples is that they'll love to look back on these more intimate photographs, and with your guests wishing you well, speeches, cake cutting and the evening reception, it's often the only opportunity we have to capture you both alone.

With 2 photographers you don't even need to worry about missing beautiful moments with your guests, one of us can head off with the two of you to walk around your grounds (that's usually me), while the other can remain with your guests.

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