Set Yourself Free

At the age of 23 I was packing my rusksack to set off on the adventure of my life so far.

We had a bit of an plan but, as is our favourite way to plan trips - we don't! We like to get excited about all the things we could do and have an idea of how we'll start out but after that we love to just wing it.

This is the only part of my life where I love the unknown. I am so used to plans, timelines, squeezing the most out of every day and living with my nose in my diary. I can't do it any other way. So, when we do head off on holiday it's liberating to leave the shedule behind.

This trip, however, was a little different.

Not your usual summer holiday.

We were planning to fly to Vancouver, buy a motorhome and travel for 5 months.

That was the whole plan. Perfect.