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What's in My Photography Package?Wedding Photography QT

Very much UNlike a lucky dip - you really want to know what will be included within the price before you book your photographer. Let's jump in!

As we're well and truly in a digital world now, the time of receiving a proof sheet with which to plan your albums has passed for almost all photographers. Most of us love to post our photographs online or email them to close friends and family to share the happiness! So the move of photographers into digital and online sharing forms is great news for brides and grooms. But it's still important to ask your wedding photographer how you'll receive your images and make sure you're booking the right photographer and the right package for you.

Will I receive digital images?

If your photographer offers a product-based service, where albums and prints are the focus of their delivery, do you still receive a digital copy of each photograph they provide?

Is this important to you? If you live life offline or you prefer privacy when it comes to your personal life, do you need digital copies or will your album and prints be the perfect way to relive your wedding day?

How will I receive the digital files?

Some photographers offer your photographs on a USB stick, others (including ourselves) provide them in a private, professional online gallery, giving you the ability to buy prints and plan albums SO easily.

Will I receive an album?

If having a professional album of hand picked highlights and the most unforgettable moments from your wedding to leaf through for generations to come is important to you, it's important to ask if you will receive an album and what it will be like.

What quality will it be?

Do you have price options to meet my budget?

How long do I have to choose the images for the album?

How many drafts will you be allowed before it's sent to print?

If a photographer doesn't include albums within the package you've chosen you're likely to be able to add albums as an optional extra.

Can I buy prints, canvases and other lovely creations?

Some photographers also include a limited number of prints within their packages.

Every photographer offers different printed products for their customers, so ask away!

Don't let the contents of your photography package be your ONLY deciding point for which photographer you'll choose. Decide which aspects are most important - digital only, album, duplicate albums for family and best friends, prints and more.

Once you know this, ask your potential wedding photographers whether they offer the aspects you'd love.

If they do, it's time to think about their photographic style, how their approach will shape your wedding day (trust me here, it does), how they communicate with you...

If a photographer ticks all your boxes - BOOK!

Don't get too tied up in price and products alone, consider everything they're able to offer you - do they feel like a perfect match?

Do they make you excited to see how your wedding day will transform beautifully in their photographs?

Then you've found your photographer!

J x


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