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Don't Miss Out on Your Most Important Photographs

The big aim of my weekly blog posts about wedding photography is to make sure you're clued up on photography questions and issues you might have while you're planning your wedding.

This one's a biggie and many couples don't realise it.

I don't really want photos of the moment I promise my life to my love - said no bride ever ;)

Today's question is one that you need to pose to your venue and it's super important!

Can I have photographs during my ceremony?

Sounds like an unnecessary question, right?

There are quite a few venues, churches and chapels out there who don't allow photographs during the ceremony. 

When you're viewing venues, or talking to your vicar/minister, ask the question before you have your heart set on the location.

If it's a deal breaker for you, you're best off knowing before you commit to booking to save you heartache later.

It's also a good idea to ask if photographers are restricted to where they can stand or whether they can move during your wedding ceremony. Even when photographs are allowed, some venues, more often churches, have some restrictions on where your photographer/s can stand. 

Sometimes we're asked to photograph from the back only which, as you can image, limits your photograph opportunities and makes photos a little one-dimensional.

If the venue is most important to you, by all means choose it over having photographs during the ceremony, especially if you're choosing the church because it's the one you attend or a venue because it has special significance to you, it could be a tough decision but it's better to be prepared than unaware until your big day


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