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Take Your Camera Everywhere

When you start to learn new photographic techniques you'll want to take your camera out and about with you. It's perfect because you learn faster, feed your love of taking great photographs and you can practice techniques until you could do them in your sleep.

While you are out having fun and taking beautiful photos don't forget to look after your camera.

I'm going to save some in-depth camera care tips for another day but a good camera bag is the perfect place to start.

You don't need to spend a fortune to look after your camera, even a basic padded camera bag will protect your tech from knocks and drops.

Camera bags are designed to give your camera protection against dust and dirt along with shielding it from impact. They also tend to have an interior made from soft material which doesn't create fluff, this means your camera won't get scratched, particularly important for your LCD display, and also won't get excess dust inside its all-important mechanisms.

Choose an unbranded bag - we all love brands, they reassure us that we're getting quality but they're also eye catching. I'm sure you love your camera so buy a bag that helps you to keep it safe. Not only a little padded but, importantly, choose a bag that does not let everyone know that you have your camera stowed inside.

This can be particularly important in busy cities or when you are jet-setting because a camera bag with a big brand name will let everyone know that you're carrying your lovely camera and might attract unwanted attention.

You can even buy padded inserts for normal bags to give your camera a little extra protection without having to buy a new bag. These are great if you already use a satchel - bag inserts are commonly designed for shoulder bags.

Want to know my dream bag?

This beauty.

It's the ONA Bowery bag in leather

I love to take lens options and this lovely little one gives me space to put my phone, keys etc out of the way. Plus it just looks like a gorgeous satchel from the outside so nobody need know there's a camera inside.

A girl can dream!

Thanks to the lovely people at ONA for the photographs.

If you'd like to see the bag on their site click here -


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