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Planning the Photography for your Summer Wedding

You're dreaming of your summer wedding - sun streaming in through the windows, perfect weather, warm evening air and a beautiful sunset. Bliss.

There are lots of reasons for summer being peak wedding season, all to do with great weather and longer days.

So how does having a summer wedding affect your photography?

In many ways a summer wedding is a photographer's dream - warm light, guests heading outside to enjoy the sun, sunset shots with the bride and groom - all things that summer kindly gives us.

Here's a little peek into what you can expect:

Morning prep

Don't be surprised if your photographer borrows some of your wedding details such as rings, shoes and even your dress while you're getting ready. If the light outside is beautiful or there's a spot to use as a backdrop that will perfectly tie in these photographs with the feel or theme of your wedding day we'll ask if we can whisk it away for 5 minutes. When you see the photographs you'll be glad we did ;)

Your ceremony

Things here are just as you'd expect - we stay fairly still during your vows so that you remain the centre of everyone's attention. With 2 photographers we usually have one person at the back, ready to capture the first glimpses of your bridal entrance and shots of the two of you at the head of the aisle. The other one of us will be at the front of your ceremony and to the side, catching your emotions and the unforgettable moment when you say 'I do'.

Formal photographs

If you're familiar with our style you'll know that we're not big on formal or posed photographs but if you've chosen a photographer who is, or you've asked us for a few, don't be surprised if we find a shaded place for these shots.

Standing in shade on a gloriously sunny day means that your eyes are shaded from the sun, so you're able to smile naturally (with your eyes open!), and the softer lighting also means that you won't have harsh shadows and highlights on your faces in your photographs.

Your Couple's Shoot

With long days and great summer sunsets we can really make the most of your couple's shoot - there's a magical thing called 'golden hour' in summer. It happens just before the sun sets, when it's low in the sky; the light becomes soft and warm, the sky gets shot with colour and all of it creates the perfect time for some personal moments with your new husband or wife. We offer couple's shoots all year round but in summer they're something else!

Grand Exit

If you're planning a sparkler send-off, fireworks or grand exit, the later summer nights mean that if you're waiting for darkness, you'll be having your exit later in the day. If you'd like to have your send-off photographed you'll need to factor this into your timeline.

That's a look into how your summer wedding will come together, when it comes to your photography.

J x


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