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Next Time, I'll Choose Smaller Marshmallows! Cat and Rob's Sunset Session Engagement Shoot

On a WILD January day, I met Cat and Rob for their couple's shoot in Hebden Bridge. Cat had fancied a photo shoot ahead of their wedding at Eckington Manor and it gave us a perfect opportunity to meet in person.

The beauty of planning photo shoots around West Yorkshire is that I find new locations, walks and ideas for photo shoots while I'm out exploring.

I keep a notebook of ideas as I come across them and the idea that came into life for Cat and Rob's photo shoot was one I'd been dying to try out for a while.

I emailed Cat with my ideas and asked her and Rob to pick their favourites.

When she said she loved the idea of a campfire, a more interactive photo shoot, I was skipping!

We started our time together on the hillside overlooking Hebden Bridge, getting ourselves warmed up (not literally, we were pretty parky!) with a wander. It was just our luck that the weather had turned wild, but I knew we'd soon be toasty warm in the woods with our fire.

While we were being whipped around by the wind above Hebden Bridge, Mr Al was in the valley building a campfire for me, top man! I'd packed up a blanket, cushions and a tarp to keep these two comfy on the woodland floor, marshmallows and skewers, and home made hot cocoa. Al might not be a part of my photography team but he still jumps in to help me out with logistics whenever he can.

We got straight into the fun, with marshmallow to toast over the flames.

I'd bought giant marshmallows to give us extra toasting area (yes, that's the way I think) and Cat and Rob would probably have told me I should have chosen some slightly smaller ones, if they weren't so polite!

They're troopers these two! The marshmallows were a bit of a task to eat! (note to self - smaller next time)

We cosied in for hot chocolate and were feeling much warmer after our windy hilltop walk.

We had such a good time with the campfire engagement shoot that I'm looking for more opportunities to have interactive photo shoots like this. Watch this space. And if there's an activity you love doing together as a couple of a family, let's capture it!


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