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Let's Talk Wedding Albums - Professional vs Consumer.

The world of wedding albums is growing in a wonderful way!

For previous generations, the choice of album came in cover colour and material, and a choice of the photographs that you'd love to keep for ever.

Now, along with eternal access to all of your edited photographs, you have a huge array of album choices.

From the traditional 1 image per page book, to contemporary 'collage' style design, with several photographs arranged across the double page spread (my personal favourite). Padded covers, leather, cotton, embossing, gold leaf, matching duplicates for family and friends, presentation boxes - the ways in which you can make you memories even more personal and special - there's so much choice!

If you choose to print your own album you also have all of the choice of consumer level albums in the world.

This can open up possibilities of more whimsical and trendy print options, such as polaroid style prints as well as cheaper choices.

My experienced advice where non-professional albums are concerned is - not all albums are made equal.

Professional albums are printed onto high quality paper, with top quality inks and cover materials; they are designed to last for generations and some providers guarantee their products for 100 years+.

With the rest of the market there's no regulation of quality or longevity and the photographs do degrade with time, particularly when they're handled or exposed to light.

That's not to deter you from planning and ordering your own album, more to make you aware of why consumer level albums cost less.

There are so many options out there for albums and prints as well as products to have your photographs printed onto - we're talking glass, canvas, aluminium (yes, really!) a great place to start is to chat to me about what I'd recommend. I've been through all of the choices, tested many print and album providers both consumer and professional level, so I know my mstuff and love to share what I know, I can even bring samples along with me when we meet.

J x


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