How to SMASH your confetti photographs

You've just said your vows, had your first kiss as newly weds! You’re ready for a swift champagne (or 3).

Confetti throws are one of the most dynamic and fun photo moments on your wedding day, so here’s how to be a confetti throw legend bride and groom!

1. Look ahead

When people (even people you love) are throwing things in your face your instinct is to look down. Head down, eyes down.

Now, the only way I can capture your reaction is to make myself into a human road-block and lie on the floor to catch your expressions!

That’s something of a trip hazard, no one wants that.

So, keep your head up, look ahead or at your guests, and walk at me! I’ll be ahead of you.

2. Smile and Have Fun

You don't have to take this confetti throw lying down.

Grab a handful yourself and throw it back, throw it at each other and get your own back on that one guest who puts a bucketload of petals over your head.

3. Walk Slowly

The confetti throw is only a short walk, and it's over all too quickly.

So take your time, think about your pace walking down the aisle and go for something similar.

This is fun so make the most of the moment! You're ready!

Whether it's petals or bubbles, enjoy your confetti throw!

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