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How to ROCK your Couple's Photographs - Wedding Photography QT

Our photographs are laid-back and natural so when it comes to your wedding day couple's photographs we don't ask you to pose.

We plan a relaxed walk around your venue's grounds and meander with you ask you enjoy the scenary.

It's as easy as that.

These tips are so easy to put into action, and they're guaranteed to ensure you have better photographs when you take 5 with your new husband/wife (and your photographer).

Tip 1: Groom - Empty your Pockets

It may not seem like a big thing, but pockets bulging with your wallet, keys and phone are really distracting in your photographs. Leave everything with someone you trust. Your jacket will lie flat, it'll be much more comfortable and your photographs will look much better.

Tip 2: Bride - Leave your Bag Behind

You might not want to leave your bag on the top table while you head out for photographs but your photographs will benefit if you leave it behind. It's best to have your hands free to lift your dress while you're walking and you won't need your things while you're with us. Leave your bag, phone, keys with someone whole look after them.

Tip 3: Both of You - Walk SLOWLY!

You'll have a normal cadence when you walk together, but for your couple's shoot we need you to slow it right down. We'll be walking backwards in front of you, looking for the best vantage points and trying not to walk back into trees!

Going slowly also gives us more chance to get the photographs, because if you walk quickly around the route we have planned it'll be over in no time!

Tip 4: Both of You - Just smile!

This is my biggest piece of advice, even if your day has been a little bit stressful and you're feeling the need to vent, just smile. You can still have that conversation about how your sister spent more time getting her makeup done than you, as long as your smiling.

See your couple's photographs as an opportunity to tell each other how gorgeous you both look and how happy you are to be married and celebrating with everyone. It's a great time to swap stories about the fun of your morning preparations. If you're laughing and smiling your photographs will be so much better.

Tip 5: Both of You - Be Yourselves

Do whatever comes naturally to you. We don't pose photographs for a reason - we love our couples to have photos that really reflect their relationship, so if your husband loves picking you up and spinning you round, do that. If you both feel most content when you're holding each other close or stopping to take in the view, that's just great too. Your photographs are all about you.

So easy but so good - follow these and you'll be just fine (and if you forget we'll remind you)

J x

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