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How to Have Register Signing Photos Without Posing

By now you'll know that I capture wedding days in a pose-free way!

But the signing of the register moment is so ingrained in wedding tradition that to some it's unmissable.

Scratch That!

For a day that's fully relaxed and natural, you can forego the signing photographs all-together.

Legally, we're not allowed to photograph during the signing of the real register, so if you decide not to pose for any photographs then were will be none. If the idea of posing for photographs has you running for the hills, tell me you don't want any register signing photographs and I'll speak to your registrar/minister/celebrant on the day and let them know not to bring out the dummy register.

Keep it Natural

Here's where the creativity of our approach comes in - if you'd like some photographs with the register but you don't want them to look traditional, the two of you can relax at the signing table, smile, kiss, soak in the moment of being officially married while I photograph more natural, unusual shots.

Go 'full tradition'

If you love the tradition of the signing photographs then keep them! It's your day so it should be just as you've dreamt it. I'm here to make sure that you have things the way you'd like them, so chat with me about your priorities and preferences and I'll keep them in the front of my mind throughout your day.


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