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How to Get the Very Best Bridal Prep Photos

Here are my inside tips on how to make sure your morning preparation photographs are stunning. 

Most of the responsibility lies with us photographers - we'll pick the best spots to take your detail photographs and we time the best natural shots of you and your girls as you get ready - so don't worry about planning shots but there are a few details you can take care of in advance to be sure to boost your prep photographs.

Wedding and Bridesmaid Dress Hangers

We always hope for beautiful dress hangers when we're photographing morning prep - (if you don't have one we'll try to scout one out!) this is one of my biggest recommendations and makes a great keepsake for you and your bridesmaids.

I started my search with Etsy and there's so much choice, you can match your hangers to

the style of wedding you're having.

Something old...

If you will be wearing something will a special history, or you're walking down the aisle with a photograph of someone very close to you, be sure to let me know. I'll pay particular attention to it and make sure it's worked into the detail photographs. These things are great to know in advance - I love to plan and start to think of how beautiful photographs can come together on your day, and I can make sure to factor in enough time too.

Keep it Tidy

This is a biggie! When it comes to those personal moments with your family and bridal party as you're finishing your hair and make up and getting into your dresses, my photographs are completely natural, I allow every moment to play out uninterrupted so that you can soak up every emotion and interaction with your loved ones just as they should be, not dictated by my needs.

This means that I'll capture your memories wherever you are, so it's great to make sure that your preparation room is quite tidy. Let one of your friends know in advance that you'd like her to quickly tidy away overnight bags (particularly any plastic bags) and used plates and cups before your photographer starts. It might sound a bit of a 'diva' request but it hugely improves your photographs.

If time runs away with you, don't worry, I'll quickly tidy before I begin.

Exchanging Gifts and Letters

If you're planning to give your bridesmaids little gifts and notes before your wedding ceremony, make sure I know :) these moments are some of the most touching and you'll love having photographs of them to look back on.

Stepping into Your Dress

The last few moments of each part of your preparation are when we will take the most photographs, if you would like photographs of you stepping into your dress I will capture photographs throughout, but if you'd prefer some privacy I'll hop outside will you change.

Call me back in when you're dressed, just before you button or lace up your dress and I'll capture the moments where your mum, dad or best friend lace you into your wedding dress, fix your hair and help you with your veil.

Now you're equipped to make the very most of your bridal preparation photographs!

Find my tips on getting the best groom prep photographs in the next post.

If you'd love to know about a topic I've not covered get in touch at Janet Wareing Photography on Facebook and let me know!

J x


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