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Gemma and Alex's Autumn Wedding at The Inn at Whitewell

Approaching The Inn at Whitewell on the day of Gemma and Alex's wedding we knew it was going to be a beautiful day, it was drizzly and overcast, yes, but autumn had opened up in full glory. Our lovely couple had chosen the perfect location for their autumnal wedding; set against the beautiful backdrop of the Forest of Bowland the country inn was surrounded by trees and fields in full splendour.

Alex and Gemma are high school sweethearts; each has a slightly different version of how they began their relationship, and if each is to be believed they would never have begun... according to Gemma's memory Alex ignored her and if Alex is right, Gemma was ignoring him. Alex being a year above her, the two had not crossed paths until they happened to make mutual friends and thankfully, with the help of her friend, Gemma acquired Alex's number and their story began.

When I met Alex at college I heard often about his lovely girlfriend Gemma, who was just finishing school. Still sharing the friendship group which helped them to meet, the two made many happy memories together.

After a year apart the two came back together again and just knew they were meant to be.

Alex and Gemma planned a day out together to Tatton Park near Manchester, the two worked difficult hours and were looking forward to spending some time together. Gemma wondered whether Alex was going to propose that day, but nothing happened. Little did she know that Alex had enlisted the help of his good friend Jonny while they had been away, he let himself into their house to set up the scene. Alex arrived home before Gemma, ready for the proposal and when Gemma walked into their home she found candles lit and the room decorated with photographs of all their great times together through the years. Surrounded by their happy memories, Alex proposed.

A year and two weeks later, their wedding day arrived.

The two had always talked of having an autumn wedding and it could not have been better; pumpkins large and small were sprayed gold, bronze and silver, preserved leaves and pinecones decorated each table.

There was a hum of excitement amongst the wedding party.

Alex's brother Laurie played guitar for the guests as they arrived and took their places before the ceremony.

The bridal party was introduced by the most beautiful flower girl and Alex and Gemma had invited 3 friends to make readings through their ceremony. Their wedding was the perfect combination of tradition and creativity.

We left as this wonderful couple made their grand entrance as husband and wife, to celebrate their love and the next chapter in their epic story with family and friends.

Thank you for asking us to be part of your amazing day.


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