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"Don't Wish Away Your Days, Waiting for Better Ones Ahead"

My friend Tony used to laugh at me - "You're always looking up!" I'd have my head resting against the bus window and I'd be staring at the sky. I loved it, the feeling of freedom in all that nothingness, the beautiful colours on autumn morning skies. We'd be chatting away but my eyes would be on the clouds.

"The trick is to enjoy life. Don't wish away your days, waiting for better ones ahead" Marjorie Pay Hinkley.

I love that.

I'm guilty of getting so wrapped up in life, deadlines and work that I forget to look up.

Until recently I forgot how much I loved it, until my mum looked at one of my photographs and pointed out how 'me' it was to squeeze all the detail into the very bottom of my photographs, so that I could fit in as much sky as I could! It seems I still do it, just less consciously.

A lot of the time these days I feel like I am living my dream, it's an incredible feeling but there are a lot of days in between the 'on cloud 9' days when I have to get my head down and get to less enjoyable tasks. I need to remember not to live just for the dream days but to enjoy all the days in between.

I need to remember to look up!

So if you see more photographs like these it's because I'm grabbing my friends and my sometimes my camera and making better days happen!

J x


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