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Do I want an Engagement Shoot?

Engagement Shoots are still pretty new to the UK, they're a big deal in America and luckily for brides and grooms in Britain, the tradition is well and truly taking hold over here too!

Wondering whether you want engagement photographs or need an engagement shoot?

Here are a few questions to ask yourself that should help you to decide.

Have You Booked Your Wedding Photographer?

If the answer is no - an engagement shoot is a great chance to try out a photographer you've been considering - it could be the decider for you.

Pay attention to how the photographer corresponds with you - do they reply in a timely manner? (24 hours is a good standard, especially if they're in high demand or it's peak season)

Do you feel confident and at ease talking to them while planning the shoot?

Do they answer all of your questions and keep you informed?

When you have your shoot, notice their methods - do they ask you to stand in positions and follow set poses or are they more free and natural? There's no right and wrong here - it's a matter of preference for you and your fiancé. If you choose a photographer who takes solely posed photographs there will be a lot of this throughout your wedding day too. If you would prefer natural photographs, look for a photographer who doesn't pose you as much or even at all.

If the answer is yes (I have booked my photographer) - great! You've found the one photographer that you love and they're booked for your wedding.

Having an engagement shoot is the best chance to get to know how your wedding day photography experience will be and to get to know your photographer.

Are You Camera Shy?

Are you like me? Do you duck out of sight whenever someone pulls out their phone for a photo?

If you hate how you look in photographs or hate cameras HAVE AN ENGAGEMENT SHOOT!

I pretty much guarantee it will fill you with confidence for your wedding day.

Professional photographs are so different to everyday pictures.

You'll have beautiful light, a location you love and you'll be enjoying time with your fiancé and photographer.

Your photographer does all the leg work to make sure that you have photographs you'll be incredibly happy with.

Then you can be relaxed and confident on your wedding day, knowing that you'll look great in the finished photographs.

Would You Like Personal Save the Date Cards/Thank You Cards?

Engagement shoots are a perfect chance to get photographs for your save the date cards and thank you notes - think about it, professionally photographed and edited images of the two of you all dressed up! Done!

Heidi and Mark here even used their photographs to create their wedding website - where guests RSVP'd, chose their meals and found out about the best hotels in the area.

If you've already found the photographer of your dreams and you're confident in front of the camera, you don't need an engagement shoot, but you might still love to have one. If there is one included in your photography package, book that baby in!

P.s. if you're wondering, all of these photos are completely unposed, we choose locations and times of day and let you have fun.

J x


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