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A Love Affair With Vintage Luggage

'Just do it' he said.

'Don't worry about it' he said.

I was standing outside a tiny vintage shop on Vancouver Island, gazing dreamily at the most beautiful old suitcase I had ever seen. Images of me loading my beautiful suitcase, full of dreamy clothes, into the boot of my Mini Mayfair (yes I'm a hopeless romantic with an impractical classic car!) were floating through my head. And Alistair encouraging my daydreams.

The more practical of you out there would have walked away. The logistics of hauling the large, heavy suitcase -10 kg empty (did I mention we weighed it BEFORE I bought it?! and yes, I still bought it) to Vancouver airport, then across London, full of all the things you need to travel around Canada for 5 months would have been enough to put most people off.

But I couldn't resist the yellow flowered lining paper.

Every scuff on that old suitcase made me wonder where it had been.

I decided to give my clothes away before we left Canada. Priorities, right?

It all started when I was first dating Mr Al.

I would pack my favourite old blue suitcase, £1 from an small furniture shop, hop on the train and cross the country to visit him for a long weekend.

It was new and exciting, I got to see new places, meet new faces and leave the stress and mountains of third year degree work behind.

And that little blue suitcase just completed the dreamy picture of it all in my head.

The big blue suicase and what remained of my possessions weighed 33kg (I think the airport scales were faulty). I felt awful, Mr Al heaved it all the way - *sorry Alistair*.

And I swore I'd never do something so stupid again.

But of course, Alistair knows my love of suitcases too well. When we travelled to Devon to photograph a tiny wedding with just 6 guests he bought me a teeny old suitcase, just big enough for one night away. Perfect for my wedding phototgraphy travels.

So if you see me deep in thought looking at an old suitcase in a shop window, don't worry - I'm probably dreaming of all the adventures we could have together.


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