A Cosy Winter Wedding at Nanteos Mansion Aberystwyth - Rachel and Mark

Nestled in the countryside of Ceredigion, a small step from Aberystwyth yet surrounded by rolling hills and woodland, Nanteos Mansion was the ideal spot for Rachel and Mark to tie the knot.

The two live nearby and Mark works at Aberystwyth University, so choosing a place where friends and family could flock, and gather under one roof for the weekend was a stroke of genius.

Rounding the corner on the driveway, the Mansion, in all it's grandeur springs into view, impressively showcased against the Welsh countryside around. With short days and cold weather, January is an unusual time for a wedding but Rachel and Mark's plans created a cosy haven from the winter weather.

When I arrived on the morning of Rachel and Mark's wedding, and made my way to see the girls, I could have found my way by following the sound of laughter and happy chatter coming from one of the rooms. Sure enough, it was full of excited bridesmaids and family. If there were nerves on the morning of their wedding, I certainly couldn't tell.

In the gilded grandeur of the Music Room, Rachel and Mark met, with their friends and family around them, to make their vows.

Their eldest