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What to Wear for a Snowy Photo Shoot

As I write this, the skylight above my head is filling with drifts of snow and my car is parked on a main road so that I can escape in the morning without edging it down our steep street.

And it's got me thinking.

I don't often plan for snow shoots, but sometimes snow happens!

And the chances are, you've not thought too much about what to do if it snows on the day of your engagement shoot.

1. Boot Up!

As much as you may love to wear the stunning shoes you've had in mind for your engagement shoot, scratch that idea and pull on your cosiest boots. If they look all snuggly and wintery even better.

The last thing you want is to have toes like icicles! And in snow it doesn't take long to get cold feet.

If the snow is an inch or more deep I'd recommend them for a further reason - nobody wants snow in their shoes!

Higher topped boots avoid that icy feeling and keep you happy for longer.

Trust me, that's important for your photographs - you want to be smiling!

2. Layer Up!

Nothing will make you more fed up than being cold for over an hour while trying to look happy about it. So pick out some t-shirts to layer up, get a pair of leggings on under your jeans and put two pairs of socks on.

Go overboard.

I mean it!

The more the merrier.

If you get too warm you can take off a layer and throw it at me to carry; general-carrier-of-all-things comes with the job!

Avoid getting chilly and you'll be having a great time out in the snow.

3. Get Your Matching Hat and Mittens On!

If there's one thing I'd buy ahead of a cold weather engagement shoot it's gloves/hat/scarf that you love. These are going to be a main feature of your photographs if you're wrapped up so it's best to feel great in them. Pick something colourful and you're winning, which leads me on to my final tip...

4. Make Sure There's Some Colour in Your Outfit

It's easy for snow photos to start looking like they've been shot in black and white, with a white blanket covering every touch of colour around. So make sure that your clothes add some colour to your photographs to avoid them looking too bleak.

If you have a coloured coat grab that and pick your cheeriest hat! As little black as you can both manage, oh, and don't go for white or it'll be a game of Where's Wally!

Even light blue jeans add some contrast - you get my (snow) drift - (sorry, I couldn't resist).

Now that you're filled in on what to wear, I'm off to make a hot chocolate and light the fire.

Get yourselves cosy.

J x

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