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What Will My Engagement Shoot Be Like?

My photography approach is a little different to most. I don't pose you, I don't make you do things that you wouldn't do naturally. There will be nobody shouting 'say cheese' or 'and just look this way for me, that's right, chin that way, eyes here...' you're not about posing and posturing, you're about LOVE. Your wedding will be about relationships, laughter, celebration.

And that's what our photography is about too.

But if we're not posing you, you might wonder how on earth we take photographs for your engagement shoot.

How can you have couple's photographs without posing?

It's really quite simple.

I plan a route, taking in beautiful scenery, in locations that are special to you.

Then we walk.

I walk backwards! Run a bit to get ahead, sometimes I get on a wall or lie in a puddle (feel free to laugh at me! Anything to get the picture I'm seeing develop!)

You talk

I talk to you, we laugh.

I might ask you to walk slower, because it can be tricky walking backwards.

I'll need a heads-up if I'm heading for a collision with someone or something, so let me know, especially if it's a pond behind me!

You enjoy the views, we can sometimes plan a spectacular view for sunset, depending on the location you've chosen. Just enjoy it all, smile, relax, we're here to capture you at your best.

If you're struggling to know what to do I'll give you a few suggestions of things to do with your hands, very easy tips to get you in the moment and feeling more comfortable.

That's it! You'll smash it!

All I ask you to do is be your wonderful self.

J x

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