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Here's How to Plan Your Engagement Shoot

If you're looking at wedding photography with me think fun, relaxed, natural - most of all, it's about you.

The same applies to engagement photography.

Planning your engagement shoot couldn't be easier.

Here's how it works:

1. Pick a location (or two):

I'm the adventurous type, so I don't mind travelling - the beach, camping, Yorkshire moors, hot air balloon ride (yes please!) - you dream it, we can do it for your engagement shoot.

Think of a place that's special to you, holds great memories or a place you love to go together.

Or choose a place that you've always wanted to visit, make it a first.

2. Pick a time of day:

I recommend morning or evening for some very good reasons -

Morning engagement shoots - crisp, soft morning light and sunrise colours look great in couples' photographs.

Having the sun low in the sky is ideal for flattering photographs because we avoid harsh shadows and highlights.

We also meet less passers-by when we're out early, which means that we can avoid getting figures in the background of your photos.

Evening engagement shoots - my favourite during summer

Sunset light is magical. It transforms a location with a warm, golden glow and open up lots of photographic possibilities. As the sun dips low we're also given amazing sunset colours across the sky, perfect for your photographs and for you to take in as the sun sets.

3. Find an available date:

We try to keep Sundays available for engagement shoots, because Saturdays are often wedding days.

Choose a couple of dates and we'll book you in!

If the weather is wet, we'll reschedule and cross our fingers for better weather.

Britain being as unpredictable as-can-be with weather, if it's dry we'll photograph, we'll work with the weather we have.


4. Choose your outfit:

Wear something lovely, that also suits your style.

Don't be afraid to wear a skirt or dress even if we're going off-road - it's chance to get a little practice in before your wedding day.

I'll be writing some outfit ideas posts, coming over the next few weeks, to help you with ideas for seasons and engagement shoot locations.

5. Have fun!

It's as easy as that!

J x

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