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Today, I'm Out of Words

I usually post every week about wedding photography questions you might not know to ask (except for last week where I got distracted by afternoon tea train fun).

But today is a very different day to me. You all should have the truth, rather than silence from me.

My wonderful, caring, thoughtful grandma has been fighting cancer courageously for the past year. She's been incredible, facing chemo courses 3 times, losing her hair and regrowing it brilliant white and glorious; last week she started a 4th, more fierce course.

In her words, she has everything to live for.

Yesterday she was taken into hospital very ill, we don't know what can be done, or what's causing her pain.

I tried to sit down to write today's post, but I can't speak, there's nothing to say, not today.

I can't pretend to be happy or thinking of weddings in this moment, so here is the reason behind today's missing wedding photography blog. I'm going over to Preston to be with my family, visit my grandma and pray for some good news.

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