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What Is a First Look? Wedding Photography QT

What's the one thing a bride must never do on her wedding morning?

Ok, now your mind is full of crazy ideas of learning to sky dive and getting her first ever eyebrow wax! (just me?!)

I'm talking about seeing her future husband before the ceremony (ahh, that one thing!)

But what if you threw the rule book out of the window?

The tradition of the bride and groom not setting eyes on one another before they meet at the end of the aisle, and of the bride hiding her face with her veil stems from the days of arranged marriages. It's to make sure the couple seal the deal before they have chance to change their minds.

But you two have been together for a little while now ;) you certainly know each other's faces! So there's nothing unlucky about seeing each other before you stand in front of everyone to make your vows.

THAT'S what a first look is all about.

You choose (usually with our help) a great spot, your groom stands waiting for you to arrive, we come to get you and you walk to meet your almost husband. Oh, and we capture it all!

The two of you can take 5 minutes alone, calm each other's fast-beating hearts, say all the things you want to tell each other on this huge day, while you're feeling the anticipation and nerves.

First looks are usually very touching, it's the first time your love will see you in your wedding dress and he'll want to soak in that moment. Doing it alone means you can really do that, without the vicar checking his watch!

J x

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