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Rebecca and Andrew's Laid-Back and Personal Woodland Wedding

Rebecca and Andrew's story is quite an epic one.

They met in 2005, nearly 12 years ago.

It's perfect that two souls so in love with nature would meet and fuel that flame in one another.

The way that they met was perfect for them too.

Their paths crossed when Andrew was working at an activity centre in Malham, where Becca happened to be staying with a group. One evening Andrew was tasked with moving the noisy group because they were directly below the bedrooms. For help, he turned to Rebecca who was leading the group. Without hesitation she called the large group, ordered them out of the room and they all obeyed. Just like that.

From then, Andrew's attention was captured and they chatted into the night, watching the moon.

Their adventure continued when they travelled to America and lived in a tent together - if you can do that you can do anything!

Since then they have ventured, explored, walked, cycled and table mountaineered (look it up) through life together.

Rebecca and Andrew live for the outdoors, it was only natural for them to have an outdoor wedding. And what a beautiful wedding it was!

With 5 groomsmen and 3 best men, their wedding was at once laid-back and impecably organised.

The two had chosen to celebrate their marriage at Coldwell Activity Centre, where they had free reign of the building and grounds for the weekend. Their friends and family had turned up with tents to turn the wedding into a full weekend of fun.

They were to have their wedding ceremony in a woodland.

Guests followed the meandering path to meet in a clearing.

With close friends and family gathered around them Rebecca and Andrew spoke readings to one another and made their vows.

They were then serenaded onwards by friends and met everyone on the edge of the wood for cuddles (these two are great huggers!)

In the coolest stretch tent I've ever seen the guests partied the evening away, fuelled by great vegetarian and vegan, ethical caterers, Rocket Catering, and brilliant live music from Evangeline and Andrew Wraight, Jay Stansfield and Junkhouse Dog blues band.

Love comes in many forms, but this kind of relationship is rare, one where two people are so sublimely matched in their interests and ideals that they compliment each other so perfectly, and this is clear for all to see in the way that they speak of one another.

We couldn't help but stop off for one last photograph of the festivities as we headed home, it beautifully summed up the day.

A huge thank you to all of the suppliers, if you love Rebecca and Andrew's wedding style you can find the wonderful people who played their parts here. A great big thank you to family and friends who helped in the run up to the wedding and on the big day, who made sure everything was seamless.

Bouquets and buttonholes - Petals and Patinas

Cake - Emma Marshall. Friend and guest.

Music - Evangeline and Andrew Wraight.

Bride's dress - Marks and Spencer

Bride's shoes - SuperGa

Bridesmaids' dresses - Monsoon.

Young bridesmaid's dress remodelled from an adult Monsoon dress by Elaine at All Sewn Up

Groom and groomsmen's clothes - Gheri Clothing

Bride and Bridesmaid's hair - Robert Brannon Hair

Stretch tent - White Rose Tents

Bridesmaid necklaces - Firecrafted Handmade Jewellery

Indoor flowers - Anne Lawrence and Maureen Roberts' gardens with their team of helpers/guests!

Thank you to Rebecca and Andrew for choosing us as their photographers for their very special wedding day, not only was it an honour, we had a blast!

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