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Should I Ask My Photographer to Travel or Book a Photographer Close to My Wedding?

This might be one of those questions you never thought to ask - now that I've posed it , what's going through your mind?

Having a photographer who's close to your venue is more practical, right?

In some ways, yes - if you're having a local wedding then having a photographer who lives near you will probably make it easier to book a meeting with them before your big day and photographing a local wedding will certainly involve less travel time for your photog.

If you choose someone a little further away, there may be a some travel involved for you; photographers will ordinarily ask their clients to travel to them for meetings. Most offer the alternative of phone or Skype calls and personally, I find myself doing most of my communication via email.

You might be envisioning you and your fiance having several meetings with your photographer, and that's absolutely an option, but as so often happens, time runs away with you and you may find yourselves with just having had one initial meeting, and choosing to arrange the rest by email.

The most important factor in your photography decision is : does this photographer light a fire in my heart with their photographs? Do I love the way they encapsulate the story of a wedding day? Will their approach fit well with the way I'd like to shape my day?

Whether the photographer that ticks your boxes is near or far, pick them.

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