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What If My Wedding Day Doesn't Go To Plan? Wedding Photography QT

After planning every detail of your day it's natural to want each moment of your wedding day to be perfect.

But here's the beautiful truth, life's not perfect and that's just fine! Often the best things happen to be unplanned.

Once you've planned and organised everything, it's time to ease off the reigns a little bit. Rest easy in the knowledge that you've done everything you can and let things fall into place on your wedding day. Your wedding day will be so much more fun if you do.

To meet me is to know that I love to plan! I like to have all the information about every wedding day I photograph because I love to soak up the essence of what your wedding day will be. For every client meeting I bring my current notebook, diary and phone; the timeline of your day is written in my diary as well as on my calendar, in my phone and on top of the fine details I love to make notes on everything that's important to you. So yes, I love to plan.

This is the best part, once I know the plan and I feel like I've got to know you, and all that your wedding day will be, I like to go with the flow of your day, if we stick too rigidly to a timeline and plan every photograph we'll take we miss perfect, unforgettable moments that come along unplanned. My advice to you is to do the same - Breathe.

Soak it all in.



Feel it all, because this day is incredible, life-changing and it doesn't matter if the flowers haven't arrived on time.

If something needs organising - delegate.

You have bridesmaids, family, staff at your venue and your photographer/s (yes, we're here to help too), let others iron out any wrinkles, you've done the rest, today is for you to enjoy.

We come equipped with bobby pins, tape, tissues, wipes, safety pins, all tucked into my camera bag, and if we see something that needs fixing we don't need asking.

If your wedding day timeline goes awry for whatever reason and things run over, don't worry about missing out on photographs later on, because time's run away from you, come and let us know that you'd like us to stay later. We never book 2 weddings in 1 day, even if you just book us for our 2 hour Boutique Ceremony Package, the whole day is reserved for just you.

J x

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