What Will My Wedding Day Couple's Shoot Be Like?

With a more traditional photography approach a couple's shoot is part of your formal photographs; brides and grooms are instructed on where to stand and how, prompted to kiss, posed in beautiful spots around their venues. Our photography is more natural; and our shoots look a lot like a walk through the best locations in your grounds, we've even been known to head out and explore more rugged locations when our couples want a more unusual shoot, walking through fields, over streams and on hilltops.

What can I expect?

With us, you can expect a relaxed wander around your venue grounds, or a nearby beautiful location - you can be as adventurous as you like!

The two of you can walk hand in hand, chat about everything that the morning held when you were apart, stop to take in your surroundings, while we walk backwards (we've become used to it!) chat to you, direct you on your route and if you're feeling a little bit awkward or uncomfortable, we'll give you some simple and easy instructions for things to do so that you can relax into your shoot.