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What Will My Wedding Day Couple's Shoot Be Like?

With a more traditional photography approach a couple's shoot is part of your formal photographs; brides and grooms are instructed on where to stand and how, prompted to kiss, posed in beautiful spots around their venues. Our photography is more natural; and our shoots look a lot like a walk through the best locations in your grounds, we've even been known to head out and explore more rugged locations when our couples want a more unusual shoot, walking through fields, over streams and on hilltops.

What can I expect?

With us, you can expect a relaxed wander around your venue grounds, or a nearby beautiful location - you can be as adventurous as you like!

The two of you can walk hand in hand, chat about everything that the morning held when you were apart, stop to take in your surroundings, while we walk backwards (we've become used to it!) chat to you, direct you on your route and if you're feeling a little bit awkward or uncomfortable, we'll give you some simple and easy instructions for things to do so that you can relax into your shoot.

What time should we have the shoot?

The perfect time to have your shoot is during what photographers call 'golden hour', just as the sun is dropping low in the sky, the light is warm, golden and soft and the sky is often shot with colour. It's a very enchanting and flattering light in which to be photographed.

Depending on what time of year your wedding will be, the time of golden hour will vary, and in winter we sometimes miss out on it all together.

I'll chat to you about your wedding day timeline and match what you'd like with what is possible for your day.

How long will the shoot be? This is something you can decide on - would you like to optimise on a local beauty spot or do you have a break in your day where a shoot would be perfect? Couple's shoots can be from 10 minutes if you just want to head out quickly between your ceremony and reception, to an hour or more if you would like to head out to local surroundings.

1 photographer or 2?

The advantage of 2 photographers is that you can decide to have one remain with your guests and one to capture your couple's shoot, so you know we won't miss a thing and you can look back at what happened while you were away. It might seem a bit counter-intuitive but if you're anxious about this part of your photos, have both of us come with you - with a group of 4 we can easily chat away together, while we photograph, and you'll soon forget that you were feeling nervous.

You should be feeling a little bit more familiar with what a couple's shoot is, what it will be like and all the options you have when you're thinking about yours. Don't worry, you don't have to plan it all yourselves - we visit your venue in advance and plan your shoot, after we've chatted to you about what you'd like.

If you have any extra questions about a couple's shoot I'd love to have them, head over to Facebook and add your question under the link to this post, or email me at

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