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Shiny New Products!

I recently decided to try out a new album provider. Until now we have only offered beautiful high-end albums from Folio, hand made in Yorkshire using soft, creamy paper.

But we're not all the same, so now my brides and grooms have a choice of album and print providers.

Our new provider is Saal, they create albums, prints and, excitingly they also offer canvases too; something which we have not been able to offer until now.

I ordered a 10x10 inch album to test their product. What drew me to try the album was the reasonable pricing Saal offer whilst not compromising on quality.

They offer:

Both square and rectangular formats in a range of sizes

A choice of covers including photo covers and 4 choices of leather, padded and unpadded

A choice of glossy and matte paper

Up to 120 pages

The option of extra thick paper

Archival print quality

Conventional or contemporary, collage layouts

Lay-flat pages so that you can choose double page layouts

My Impressions

I ordered a padded photo-cover square album (I love the look of square albums when closed and they make interesting spreads inside). I like the cover photograph but I think the padding is best on leather covers and an unpadded cover compliments a photo-cover well.

I was impressed with the lay flat pages. I specifically designed the album to test out the ability to lay photographs across the spine without it being a distraction. The page join is pretty seamless, the slight line and shadow visible here are minimally distracting and less so when the album is viewed in reality rather than in a photograph like this.

The print quality is good and the feel of the book is contemporary, I enjoy looking through collage albums, the photographs can be grouped into pages that encapsulate stages of the day as it unfolds.

Overall, our new Saal albums are a great addition to the products we offer. They're not quite as luscious, visually or to touch, as our Folio albums and prints whose papers are on another level but they are a fantastic mid-level product. I look forward to trying their canvas prints!

Thanks to the lovely people at Saal Digital for the opportunity to try their products.

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