I'm a Camera Shy Bride, How do I Overcome my Fears Before my Big Day?

I have a huge fear of being on the other side of a camera, by that I mean the side that's in the photographs! My second shooter Conleith will testify, when he wants to test out the light in a room I very quickly find a very pressing job in a room far, far away and he has to persuade an unwitting wedding co-ordinator or handy vase of flowers to help him out. Every now and then, when I don't think quickly enough he gets to work with the back of my head! (poor guy!)

In fact, Conny feels the same about being photographed but I'm very lucky that he is kind and understanding so he will pose for me when I need to check my camera settings in a tricky lighting situation.

I hear from a lot of camera shy brides, and grooms come to that.

I receive a lot of emails asking how to combat these concerns. Luckily, there are some great ways to ease your nerves before your wedding if