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Natural Wedding Photography - why choose it

I like you - just as you are. (Thank you Mark Darcy!) Your future husband or wife loves you, all of you, even the bits you don't love so much yourself. Your family and friends love you just the way you are.

Every little nuance in the way you smile, talk, laugh - they are personal and to those who love you and know you well they are a perfect part of what makes you you.

Wedding days are a celebration of your love. Real love. Perfect in all its uniqueness.

Nobody else has what you have and natural photography celebrates that. You can be your wonderful selves, immerse yourselves in the wild emotions of your wedding day - laugh, dance, hug, cry, wander off for a glass of champagne with your best friend.

Forget about planned poses, your best side, practicing your photo face. Documentary photography captures real moments, which are all the more beautiful because we capture you being you, your friends and family relaxed and loving every moment of your wedding, and your photographs will conjure each breathtaking memory from your wedding forever - every momentous step of your day as well as those fleeting, unplanned, incredible happenings that pass in the twinkling of an eye.

I specialise in natural wedding photography because I know what it is to want to feel fully involved in your wedding day, I will be in search of a natural wedding photographer when it comes to my big day because I will want to drink it all in so that I won't miss a moment of it.

Wedding photography is so much more than a job to me; it's a passion, a privilege. I like to get to know my couples and encourage them to get to know me too. I get to know what's important to you because when I feel connected with my clients I'm able to make my photographs all the more personal, an emotional connection on a day packed full of emotions.

We capture those treasured moments as you experience them with those closest to you and, occasionally... there will be photographs where you, or your lovely guests, are looking at the camera - like this one where one guest spotted me and, through quick Chinese Whispers, they all looked my way at the perfect moment.

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